Portfolio of Proprietary Trading Strategies – New Series of Videos From GMT Partner

Dear reader!

GMT Partner offers you a new series of educational videos, under the general theme “Portfolio of Proprietary Trading Strategies”. This video series is the last part of the video course offered by the GMT Partner project.

The content of the fifth module of the video course includes the following sections: “Full version of the proprietary short-term trading strategy Double Barrel Gun”, “Proprietary scalping strategy Shuriken”, “Portfolio of proprietary trading strategies” and some others.

This video series is an integral part of the full educational course offered to the participants of the GMT Partner project. “Portfolio of proprietary trading strategies” and other topics in this series are studied by the project participants within the framework of the fifth module of the course.

The proprietary methodology of trading a portfolio consisting of several trading strategies mostly focuses on intraday trades conducted by the rules of the full version of “Double Barrel Gun” strategy. Despite this fact, each of the proprietary strategies included in the portfolio is self-sufficient and can easily be used for autonomous trading within an appropriate set of timeframes.

This video series is published on the popular video hosting service – Youtube.   We will be grateful for your comments.