Triple Screen Strategy – New Series of Videos From GMT Partner

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GMT Partner offers you a new series of educational videos. The topic of the video is “Triple screen strategy”  by the world-famous market guru, trader and author of a series of books about trading – Alexander Elder. The strategy was first offered to the public in April 1986, in the article of the “Futures” magazine.

This technique is the result of many years of trading experience in all major segments of the “Triple screen” strategy brings together different time frames and different types of technical indicators. It uses trend indicators on the long time frame to identify the major trend, while oscillators on the medium time fdetermine the end of correction. Special technique was developed by author to enter the market. The strategy also uses strict money management rules  and a precise algorithm for managing open positions.

This video series is published on the popular video hosting service – Youtube.   We will be grateful for your comments.