Dear reader!

Welcome to the fifth module of GMT Partner training course. The main topic of this module is the full version of the proprietary short-term trading strategy “Double Barrel Gun”. The additional topics of this module are the proprietary scalper strategy “Shuriken” and “Trading Strategies Portfolio – a universal tool for a professional trader.”

The full version of short-term strategy “Double Barrel Gun” was developed in 2014 with the primary purpose to solve the following problems:

a) determine the short-term market sentiment within a selected market segment;
b) determine the short-term market sentiment within a selected financial instrument;
c) develop a hedging mechanism for the purpose of managing a portfolio of positions.

Curriculum of the fifth module

The fifth module of the course has to be completed within one month. In the fifth module you should:

  • Familiarize yourself with the educational materials (PDF/PPT);
  • Watch a series of video lessons (video/download);
  • Schedule and receive a consultation from mentor, if necessary (contacts);
  • Take the final test (12 questions, video/download);
  • Perform the practical task to consolidate the material (perform 10 transactions in accordance with the rules of the strategy).

We recommend that you adhere to the following curriculum:

 Educational process  Week 1    Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
 Textbook and slide presentation
 Final test
 Practice on real trading account  

Module 5 is a part of the paid training course, to gain access to the course please send your request here.