GMT Partner Project Team

Anatoly Bulanov

* Founder of the GMT Partner Project

* Professional instructor

* Investor/trader/analyst

* Broker’s licenses:

Series 3, Series 34, FSFR 1.0

* NFA ID 0435291

The founder of the project – Anatoly Bulanov has extensive experience in all aspects of trading and finance, with a strong emphasis on education, which is one of the main pillars of the GMT Partner project. Anatoly has spent more than 15 years in this field and has an impressive set of skills and expertise:

    • Organized and hosted countless online and offline training sessions in FX, futures and stocks during his career at the Forex Club International Academy of Exchange Trading in Beijing, New York and more;
    • Produced educational videos and webinars on trading, market analysis, and platform usage, as well as numerous research articles on FX and futures;
    • Wrote countless trading reports, including daily, weekly and monthly technical and fundamental analysis reports;
    • Fluent in English, Russian and Chinese; well acquainted with these regions and their FX communities;
    • Anatoly has extensive trading experience and has witnessed many market situations that other traders never face;
    • Сurrently, Anatoly holds the position of Head of the Dispute Resolution Committee at the Financial Commission, where he manages the process of investigating complaints of private traders against brokerage companies.
Anatoly Bulanov