Training program

The goal of GMT Partner project is to build a team of professional traders who will operate in all major segments of the global financial market.

The founder of the project has developed a unique training methodology based on the application of a portfolio of proprietary trading strategies for the purpose of market research and making trading decisions.

This trading methodology is the result of the author’s observation and research of Forex, futures, and stocks markets dynamics, as well as his 20-year trading experience in these markets.

The cost of training consists of the following:

Module 1 (free)

  1. “Triple Screen” trading strategy by Alexander Elder.
  2. Control test.

Module 2 (free)

  1. Proprietary short-term trading strategy “Double Barrel Gun”, Lite Version (DBG).
  2. Evaluating the effectiveness of trading strategies.
  3. Control test.

Module 3

  1. Proprietary medium-term “Multi-timeframe” Trading Strategy (MTFS).
  2. Technical Profile of the financial instrument.
  3. Control test.

Module 4

  1. Proprietary long-term trading strategy “Weekly Envelope” (WES).
  2. Power Balance Chart and other indicators of market sentiment.
  3. Control test.

Module 5

  1. Proprietary short-term trading strategy “Double Barrel Gun”, Full Version (DBG).
  2. Proprietary scalping strategy “Shuriken” (SRK).
  3. Trading Strategies Portfolio – a universal tool for a professional trader.
  4. Final test.

Additional service #1

Personal online consulting and coaching (all five modules of the program included).

Additional service #2

Unlimited access to the Trading Room for GMT Partner project participants via the official Telegram channel of the project.

Additional service #3

Customized technical indicators for MT4 / MT5 platform: ADV (Average Daily Volatility) and Envelope (based on ADV).

Additional service #4

1-week subscription plan for the proprietary market sentiment indicator updates. Available instruments:

FX Majors, FX Majors Crosses, FX Exotics, Energy Market, US Stock Indices, Precious Metals, US Debt, Base Metals, Grains, Meats, Cryptos, Sector Stocks (choose any 3 groups of instruments, get daily updates).

Additional service #5

1-week subscription plan for trading signals updates on financial instruments included in the GMT Partner investment portfolio.

Additional service #6

Ready-to-use real trading account registered at one of the largest PAMM sites in the world (available only for GMT Partner project graduates).

Preferred payment method – Crypto currency.

To gain access to the course please send your request here or make your order here.