GMT Partner Project

Many of you have probably heard about the famous billionaire named Richard Dennis, who once created a team of traders and proved that anyone can achieve outstanding results in the field of financial markets trading. We decided to repeat the experiment and create our own team of traders.

GMT Partner project was created to carry out this experiment. We set a goal to build a team of professional traders who will operate in all major segments of the global financial market. The founder of the project has developed a unique training technique for the preparation and selection of traders. This methodology is based on the use of the portfolio of proprietary strategies; it is the result of the author’s 15 year research of market dynamics and experience in financial markets trading.

During the experiment, the traders will have to go through the training program and learn the trading technique designed by the author of the project. This methodology must be used by all candidates who will carry out their transactions on the market. Traders, who achieve the best results on real trading accounts, will be given the opportunity to manage investors’ funds.

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