Module 1

Dear reader!

Welcome to the first module of the GMT Partner training course. The topic of this module is “Triple Screen” trading strategy developed by the world-famous market guru, trader and author of a series of books about trading – Alexander Elder.

“Triple Screen” strategy brings together different time frames and different types of technical indicators. It uses trend indicators on big time frames to identify the major trend while oscillators on the medium time frames help to determine the end of correction. The special technique was developed by the author to enter the market. The strategy also uses strict money management rules and a precise algorithm for managing open positions.

Curriculum of the first module

The first module of the course has to be completed within two weeks. In the first module you should:

  • Familiarize yourself with the educational materials (PDF);
  • Watch a series of video lessons (video);
  • Schedule and receive a consultation from mentor, if necessary (contacts);
  • Take the final test (10 questions);
  • Perform the practical task to consolidate the material (perform 3 transactions in accordance with the rules of the strategy).

We recommend you to adhere the following curriculum:

Educational processDay / Week
Textbook and slide presentationD2-D3
Consultation D4
Final testD5
Practice on demo accountW2