The cost of training consists of the following:


If you are not sure and want to buy only the first (paid) module of the course, your cost will be $100.

The price includes a package of educational materials and a ready-to-use $200 real trading account with the option of withdrawing the profits generated during training.

Alternatively, you can get the first (paid) module of the course for FREE, provided that you open a real trading account in the amount of $1,000 at the recommended broker.

Payment method – PayPal.

To gain access to the course please send your request here.

Module 1 (free)

“Triple Screen” trading strategy by A.Elder.

Control test.

Module 2 ($100)

Proprietary short-term trading strategy “Double Barrel Gun” (DBG).

Evaluating the effectiveness of trading strategies.

Control test.

Module 3 ($100)

Proprietary medium-term trading strategy “Multi Time Frame Strategy” (MTFS).

Technical profile of the financial instrument.

Control test.

Module 4 ($100)

Proprietary long-term trading strategy “Weekly Envelope Strategy” (WES).

Market participants’ Power Balance Chart (proprietary market sentiment indicator).

Control test.

Module 5 ($100)

Proprietary scalping trading strategy “Shuriken”.

Portfolio of strategies as a tool for diversification and hedging.

Control test.

Additional service 1 ($100)

Personal consulting and coaching via Skype (all five modules of the program).

Additional service 2 ($100)

1-year subscription plan for proprietary market sentiment indicator updates. Available instruments:

Forex Majors+Majors Crosses+Forex Minors+Energy+Indices+Precious Metals+Base Metals+Grains+US Debt+Stocks (choose any 4 groups of instruments, get daily updates and browse through individual link in Google documents)

Additional service 3 ($100)

Ready-to-use $200 real trading account with the option of withdrawing the profits generated during training.

Total amount:

$700, if you buy the course in separate modules or get 50% discount for buying the entire course at once and acquiring the status of GMT Partner project participant.