New Educatonal Video from GMT Partner – Market Sentiment

Dear reader!

GMT Partner team offers you a new video dedicated to a brief description of the trading technique developed by the founder of this project – the trader and market analyst with over 20 years trading experience in the financial markets, professional instructor, investor.

This technique is the result of many years of trading experience in all major segments of the global financial market. The technique is based on the simultaneous use of three trading strategies (short-term strategy, “Double Barrel Gun”, medium-term “ Multi Time Frame “ Strategy , long-term strategy “Weekly Envelope”).

The author uses this technique to determine the mood of market participants (market sentiment) and assess the probability of price movement in one direction or another. The methodology for determining the sentiment of market participants is universal and is used by the author to operate inside the day on Forex, futures and stocks markets.

The video is posted on two popular video hostings: Youtube and Youku. We will be grateful for your comments.